Support Brew Concentrate

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Refill Your Support Brew Spray Bottles

Our Support Brew is a natural soil conditioner that improves plant health, encourages root growth and builds better plant living conditions.

Uses: Spray on soil for plant protection and leaves for shine. 

Our unique blend of Neem oil and Humic acid strengthens a plant's natural defences by improving soil conditions and root development, allowing it to overcome the stressors of everyday plant life!

uBloomd provides Australia's best-smelling neem oil!

30ml of Support Brew Concentrate makes 600ml when diluted.

Shake well before use. 

Neem oil is non-toxic to humans or pets, but avoid contact with the eyes and mouth for your safety. 

Store in a dark location. 

Important: Although our Support Brew is a multipurpose spray to improve overall plant health, appearance and strength, it is not marketed as a pest deterrent.