4 Tips for Styling Indoor Plants

4 Tips for Styling Indoor Plants

Plants decor is a timeless trend; they are a perfect addition to every room. Plants bring colour, life and energy into the space with minimal effort.
You'll notice them hanging, standing or climbing in homes, offices and restaurants. Carefully selected foliage reduces stress and brings harmony into any space.
But where do you start?
Like me, you found a great love for plants being trapped inside during the pandemic. Having nature in your home reminded you to take care of yourself. But now you're left with some (if not bucketloads of) leafy friends who need styling to bring out the best in your space.
Below you'll find four tips on plant decor. 

Tip 1: Assess your environment.

Look at the lighting, air flow, heating systems and walking paths.
You want the plant to thrive in the space you grow it, so don't think about aesthetics first; think about function.
Does my home receive bright direct light or low to moderate? Where is my aircon or heating system located? Which areas do I need clear to walk through?
These questions will help block out where plants can and can't go.
Start moving your plants into the areas where they will grow best. Of course, lighting is the most significant factor, so ensure you know your plant's lighting needs when selecting which plant goes where.
Shelves = Plants
If you have a bookshelf, you need to add a plant. It's an effortless way to bring new energy into your calm space.

Tip 2: Use pots that compliment your space.

Buying plant pots that match your home aesthetic is the easiest way to style your jungle.
If you have a classic style, opt for terracotta. Minimal and clean, perhaps neural colours in cylindrical shapes. Funky and bright, match that with fun colourful pots. Your home's style represents you; select your pots with that same care.
Are you limited on space? Then, hanging plants will be the perfect solution. A dramatic hanging plant adds interest and fun without being overpowering.

Tip 3: The plant's silhouette

Each plant is different, like each room of your home. Match the plants with the space by considering texture, colour, shape and height.
Think about aesthetics and care when grouping plants near a window or corner. Clustering sun-loving plants and moisture-loving together will make your water schedule easier.
You also want to think about varied textures, colours and sizes. For example, having one large plant, one medium, and one small will create a terrific triangle.
When placing your plants keep the triangle shape in mind. Having one tall and some small will lift the eye and add visual interest to a space.
The triangle is a fantastic design tool for any home decor. 

Tip 4: More or Less.

Whether to have a big statement plant or just one small plant is where plant design can smash or flop.
While social media makes you think you need a full jungle to be a plant designer, understanding that one plant can be the splash of nature you need.
Starting small is the best idea; to ease yourself in and not overwhelm your existing decor.
Plants are always a focal point; they draw the eye without additional effort, so sometimes it's good to go BIG. For example, if you have high ceilings or empty corners, filling them with oversized plants may be the snap or attention your room needs.
So there you have it, the perfect formula to plant design in your home.
If you have questions or more tips, send me an email, and I'm happy to help you out.