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uBloomd Founder Emily Goldsmith

The founder of uBloomd.

I'm a firm believer that plant care should be easy. 
When I started my plant journey I had no idea how to take care of a potted plant. I overwatered and killed more plants than I dare to think about.
But I always learn from my mistakes, and with practice, patience, and time I learned the unique needs of each plant, and discovered joy and serenity in their care. 
However, one troublesome plant changed everything!

This brand new plant baby came with a fungus gnat infestation, and my peace was shattered. 
Suddenly, my beloved plants were dying left and right, and my living space was filled with flying pests that seemed impossible to eradicate.
That's when I had enough. Determined to find a natural and discreet solution, I dedicated myself to developing a way to remove flying pests from indoor plants. And thus, uBloomd was born. 
uBloomd is my way of making plant care simple for everyone.  We focus on sustainable and natural solutions, aiming to protect plants from the nuisance of common pests while also safeguarding our planet Earth's resources. 
I believe that you should feel nothing but pride and joy when gazing upon your plant babies and feel confident that they are living pest free. 
Let me help you rekindle your love for plant care and experience again the peace that comes from nurturing a green oasis in your own home.

With love,
- Emily x 
If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to email me at Emily@uBloomd.com

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