What are Fungus Gnats?

Fungus gnats look like small mosquitoes but without the stinger. They are small, black, flying pests that breed in moist soil.

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Why Green Traps over Yellow Traps? 

In our experiments we tested four traps (yellow, green, red and blue) of the same size, in similar locations and with the same smell. We found 12% more pests on the green traps.

We understand that fungus gnats only see two colours, green and yellow, and as green is the more vibrant colour to them, they know they'll find the correct living (and breeding) conditions with green plants, so they choose to land on green over yellow.

What is Support Brew?

Our Support Brew is a 100% natural and organic blend of Neem oil, Humic acid, potassium soap and tea-tree oil. Support Brew is a multipurpose spray used to improve a plants overall health and living conditions. 

Our Support Brew is used as both a soil conditioner and a leaf shine. 

Research shows that a happy and healthy plant is better suited at protecting itself against unwanted pests and disease. Our Support Brew is formulated to enrich your plants and soil with organic matter and trace-elements. Neem has a long history of beneficial uses in gardening, however it cannot be advertised as a pest ingredient in Australia.

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My Traps Keep Falling Off? 

If your sticky Trap keeps falling off its wooden support stick, try attaching it to the inside of your plant pot; this will achieve the same results. 

What's the Plant Pest Bible?

We've researched every common plant pest and found out what they are, their lifecycles and how to remove them. We have all this information free on our blog pages. 

Is the Whole Kit Biodegradable?

We aimed for the whole kit to be biodegradable but found issues with the sticky sheets and transporting them. The box, information sheet and backing prop are biodegradable, they can be broken down and disposed of in your garden. The bottle is made of glass and is recyclable. The Gnat traps, spray lid and release sheets need to be placed into general waste.

We are actively looking for natural solutions and one day will create a biodegradable solution for gnats, but until then we hope you enjoy our product.

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