The World's First Green Sticky Traps

From shoo-ing plant flies to relaxing with tea & indoor plants - uBloomd protects your home from flying plant-pests.

  • Australia's Bestselling Form of Indoor Plant Protection

  • Each Trap provides 6+ months of defense

  • Safe for furry friends and young humans

  • Elegant designs blend in amongst your plants

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Made in Australia

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Plant care made easy

It's as simple as peel, press, place!

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What are Fungus Gnats?

Why Green Traps over yellow?

How many Traps do I need?

What pests do Green Traps attract and catch?

Can I use these Green Traps outdoors?

Protection your plants will love.

Female fungus gnats lay 100-150 eggs per week! If left unchecked, your home can quickly become a breeding zone of zooming flies. 

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