Anti-Gnat Kit 50x Traps

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Say 'Bye' To Plant Flies!

This all-in-one kit provides all-around plant protection and controls fungus gnats in house plants.

Green, functional, and waterproof traps control flying pests whilst our unique 'Support Brew' strengthens a plant's natural defences by improving its living conditions.

Used to control Fungus Gnats, Thrips, Aphids, White Flies, Fruit Flies and increase overall plant health and root development. 

Inside the Kit:
  • 100ml of Support Brew
  • 50x Functional Green Stealth Traps
  • 'How To' Video Tutorials
  • Compostable shipping packaging

Flourish with Green, Healthy, Pest-Free Plants. 

Size: Traps are 5cm across, and Wooden Sticks are 10cm long.

Support Brew: A unique formulation of organic Neem oil, humic acid and tea tree oil. It is a natural soil conditioner that improves plant health, encourages root growth and builds better plant living conditions. Spray on soil for plant protection and leaves for shine. Although our Support Brew is a multipurpose spray to improve overall plant health, appearance and strength, it is not directly a pest deterrent. 

Below 15°c, set Support Brew in warm water and shake before use. 

Sticky Trap Falling Off: During cooler months, sticky traps may fall off their wooden support sticks. If needed, reattach it to the side of the plant pot.