Anti-Gnat Kit

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Say 'Bye' To Plant Flies!

This all-in-one kit provides all-around plant protection and controls fungus gnats in house plants.

Green, functional, and waterproof traps control flying pests whilst our unique 'Support Brew' strengthens a plant's natural defences by improving its living conditions.

Used to control Fungus Gnats, Thrips, Aphids, White Flies, Fruit Flies and increase overall plant health and root development. 

Flourish with Green, Healthy, Pest-Free Plants.


Inside the Kit:
  • 100ml of Support Brew
  • 10, 30 or 50x Functional Green Stealth Traps
  • Setting Up Your Kit Infographic 
  • Compostable shipping packaging

Control These Pests

Fungus Gnats, Fruit Flies, White Flies, Thrips, Drain Flies, Red Spider Mites and Aphids.


Wow these traps are amazing. The amount of bugs stuck to them is amazing! Totally recommend.

- Tarlia O

I am now pleased to report I have ZERO gnats. The traps and spray worked like an absolute treat

- Jess H

No more gnats, thank goodness. They worked really well. Great present for those indoor plant lovers.

- Debra H

These Green Gnat Traps are so satisfying - they collect the gnats effortlessly

-Lex M

The first lot of sticky pads were black with gnats within a week. Great product

- Irene L

Great product. I think the spray by itself in the pots got rid of most of the Gnats.

- John C